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Start Physical Therapy in Raleigh

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All Major Insurances Accepted Including Workers Comp & More!


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Shoulder Physical Therapy in Releigh

START Physical Therapy thrives to ensure patient satisfaction. With our private treatment sessions and hands-on care, our therapists help you recover independence and get back to the life you love!  

  • One of The Top Rated Physical Therapy in North Raleigh
  • Every Detail Matters to Us 
  • Personalized Care Is Our Priority  And We Specialize in That
  • The Most Affordable Self-Pay Rate for Patients Paying Out-Of-Pocket
  • Most Of The Insurances Accepted including Medicare, Medicaid, Workers Comp & More!
  • Services Provided Like Dry Needling, Cupping, Electrical Stimulation, World-Class Manual Therapy, Ultrasound & More! 

So come by and visit our clinic in Raleigh, NC to book your appointment today!

How We Can Help You

Knee Physical Therapy in Raleigh

We specialize in many different diagnoses and injuries including joint replacement rehabilitation, running and sports injuries, chronic pain, auto accident injury, post-surgical therapy , vestibular and balance deficiencies! Come see us in Raleigh, NC for a consultation today!

See the Difference

Back Pain Physical Therapy in Raleigh

START Physical Therapy strives to provide a unique experience for our patients that provides comfort, privacy, and pain relief! Drop by our clinic located in Raleigh, NC to see the difference in your health immediately. 

Our Services

Auto Accident Injury - $0 Out of Pocket Treatment*

Accident Injury Physical Therapy in Raleigh

We at START Physical therapy ,  treat different kind of injuries that could result from auto accidents. We treat injuries like whiplash, sciatica, herniated disc or injuries to hip, neck, back or shoulder. We provide different types of physical therapy treatment for auto accident injuries like manual therapy, exercises, ultrasound, heat therapy, cold/ice therapy and also provide education on how to protect joints. 

*Terms & Condition Apply

Post-Surgical Therapy

Post Surgical Therapy in Releigh

Postoperative surgical therapy is the care you receive after a minor or serious surgical procedure. The type of post surgical care you need depends on the type of surgery you have, as well as your health history.

Workers Comp & Personal Injury


Whether sidelined by a sports injury, chronic pain or other malady, we can help Personal Injury & Workers Comp patients on the road to recovery!

We accept most of the  Workers Comp insurances and also work with Attorneys or third party insurances. 

Call us now and find out more. about our services. 

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Therapy in Raleigh

Does your back hurt after sitting at your desk all day? Having trouble turning  your head while driving? Come see us!

Joint Replacements

Joint replacements therapy in Raleigh

Our therapists can help both before AND after surgery for optimal results!!

Running/Sports Injuries

Sport Injuries Therapy in Raleigh

Struggling with plantar fasciitis or having hip pain after running?  We can help!


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